Sean Hannity House under attack! Here is more on the event

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Sean Hannity’s house was recently intruded by a man who came into the house unannounced trespassing the personal space of the family. Sean Hannity wife Jill Rhodes wasn’t happy about this uncalled invasion by an unknown man.

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Jan Gilbert, 72, was arrested by the police for trespassing charges. Sources claim that this event was reported on 17 February, though the exact idea of the date remains murky.

Once inside the house, he was instantly confronted by the Sean Hannity wife, Jill Rhodes. Credible sources claim that he was allowed to enter the house by the security guard of the Mansion.

Jan Gilbert told the guard that he wants to interview Jill Rhodes for a book. The security guard did not pose any question and allowed the guy to enter the mansion.

Later on when the accused was asked if he had permission to enter the property. He said he never had one.

When the accused was probed about the reason of his entrance in the house, the suspect persisted with the impression that he only wanted to interview the wife of Sean Hannity and had no other motive.

‘Someone misheard, fabricated or misunderstood,’ he said.

The house of Sean Hannity is located in Long Island’s Oyster Bay. It is worth more than $10 billion.

Sean hasn’t yet reacted to the news as we anticipate a response from him in the near future. In the year 2005, Sean Hannity also confronted a similar situation when a lady consistently stalked her.

The outspoken journalist was furious about that and felt that his personal space trespassed. He even went further and said that his security was jeopardised and he felt threatened. However this time around, he hasn’t commented on the situation and stayed quiet.

A bit about Family

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Sean Hannity wife, Jill Rhodes is a housewife who lives in the house with their three beautiful children. Sean has often expressed his concerns about their security. He feels that his political views might well impact the security of their children.

Fears haven’t turned into anything substantial yet but the concerns of Sean Hannity are justified.

There were rumours that Sean Hannity wanted to change their present Mansion but this news hasn’t gone any further.

Now with gap widening between the couple in the real life, these issues are a cause of further nuisance for the family.

Even recently, Jill was unhappy about Sean Hannity overdue role in the politics and absolutely abhorred it. The rift between the both came to a point where they genuinely felt that they can’t go further anymore. But to their credit, their relationship hasn’t disintegrated and that is great news for the family and the well-wishers.